Team-Based Learning for Students With High-Incidence Disabilities in High School Social Studies Classrooms


This article examined the effectiveness of implementing team-based learning practices on content acquisition for 11th-grade students with high-incidence disabilities enrolled in general education social studies courses. Results indicated no statistically significant differences between groups on a measure of content knowledge, although a moderate effect size was noted (ES = 0.50). Significant and large effects (ES = 1.01) favoring the team-based learning treatment were noted for items related to content area vocabulary. There were no significant differences on items measuring comprehension of historical events, facts, and issues (ES = 0.38).


Kent, S., Wanzek, J., Swanson, E., & Vaughn, S. (2015). Team-based learning for students with high-incidence disabilities in high school social studies classrooms. Learning Disabilities Research & Practice, 30(1), 3–14.