Adolescents’ Use of Reading Comprehension Strategies: Differences Related to Reading Proficiency, Grade Level, and Gender


This study examines differences in adolescents’ reading comprehension strategy use as it relates to reading proficiency, grade level, and gender. It also investigates the factor structure and psychometric properties of a newly developed scenario-based self-report survey. Participants are from grades 7–12. Findings suggest adequate comprehenders report higher use of evaluation/integration and regulation strategies than struggling comprehenders.


Denton, C. A., Wolters, C. A., York, M. J., Swanson, E., Kulesz, P. A., & Francis, D. J. (2015). Adolescents’ use of reading comprehension strategies: Differences related to reading proficiency, grade level, and gender. Learning and Individual Differences, 37(1), 81–95.