Strong Foundations Approved Provider


MCPER has been approved by the Texas Education Agency to support its Strong Foundations Planning Supports Grant. The Strong Foundations program supports local education agencies in creating and implementing a research-based math and/or literacy framework. MCPER partners with districts across Texas to ensure that instructional priorities align with current research. Specifically, we help districts identify and implement research-based teaching strategies, develop a comprehensive instructional framework, identify high-quality instructional materials across the curriculum, and create a communications plan that will foster buy-in and support learning.


Strong Foundations is a TEA-sponsored initiative strategically allocating funds to assure that all districts can create instructional frameworks aligned to the research-based instructional strategies (RBIS) that serve as tools for districts to make instructional decisions in RLA and Math.


  • We leverage high-quality research to improve educator and student outcomes.
  • We embrace unique cultural and contextual factors that influence the way students learn.
  • We work collaboratively with all stakeholders.
  • We operate with clear lines of communication that promote a culture of transparency.
  • We disseminate accurate information in a way that promotes positive change.


K-12 educators throughout Texas


To increase teacher knowledge and implementation of evidence-based practices to improve student literacy and math achievement.


Strong Foundations Planning Supports Grants flyer