Adolescent Literacy Resource Menu: A Guide for Instructional Leaders


This guide is organized by commonly experienced challenges (e.g., lack of modeling) to teachers implementing evidence-based adolescent literacy practices with fidelity. Also provided are an explanation of each challenge and resources from established organizations and research centers that instructional leaders can use to address these challenges. Some of these resources are brief documents that a teacher can quickly scan; others are lengthier and may require more time to read and make sense of. Many of the resources are free (e.g., online resources), and some have an associated cost (e.g., books). This guide provides an estimate of the cost and time associated with each resource.


Kurz, L. A., Wexler, J., Shelton, A., & Swanson, E. (2019). Adolescent literacy resource menu: A guide for instructional leaders. Austin, TX: The Meadows Center for Preventing Educational Risk.