Project AIM: A Tier 2 Algebra-Readiness Intervention for Middle School Students

The Algebra-Readiness Intervention Modules (AIM) were developed to promote algebra success for middle school students. Each module consists of 15 lessons focused on building the foundational skills needed to succeed in algebra. The lessons use an explicit instructional framework to teach students critical vocabulary and guide students through materials by orienting students to (a) relevant background knowledge, (b) explicit teacher modeling of new skills, (c) guided practice opportunities, (d) partner work, and (e) independent practice. The scripted curriculum is easy for teachers, interventionists, or paraprofessionals to implement and includes additional practice opportunities and timed fluency activities to enhance student learning opportunities. Daily independent practice opportunities are graphed to reinforce self-regulation and goal setting. 

Each module includes Teacher Masters, with explicit scripts for each lesson; Teacher Lessons, demonstrating student materials and an answer key; and a Student Booklet for each student to use throughout the curriculum. Four modules are available for sixth-grade students, covering essential knowledge and skills, including fractions, decimals, ratios and proportions, and expressions and equations. Seventh-grade materials target integers, ratios and proportions, and expressions and equations, all designed to build student algebra success. 

The curriculum has been tested with students and certified teachers in more than 50 middle schools. For more information, contact Diane Bryant

Download the materials below!

Sixth-Grade Modules



Ratios and Proportions 1

Expressions and Equations 1

Seventh-Grade Modules


Ratios and Proportions 2

Expressions and Equations 2