2013 Summer Series: Effectively Summarizing and Communicating Research Results


Statistics and Research Methods Primer: On July 9, Dr. Nancy Scammacca Lewis presented this first installment of 2013 Summer Series. Lewis discussed at a conceptual level some core concepts in research design that were treated as assumed knowledge for the rest of the series. View the presentation online. (Note that for all of the presentations in this series, there is no audio with the slides.)

Synthesizing Research: On July 16, Lewis delivered the second presentation of 2013 Summer Series. This talk focused on when to conduct a meta-analysis versus a narrative synthesis, general coding considerations, and how to use the new Adobe PDF form version of the codesheet. View the presentation online

Communicating Results Descriptively: On July 23, the third presentation of the 2013 Summer Series, Lewis covered how to translate data into meaningful metrics for nonacademic audiences and how to avoid misrepresenting the results. View the presentation online

Communicating the Practical Significance of Results: On July 30, the fourth presentation of the 2013 Summer Series, Lewis introduced ways of benchmarking results against performance gaps, normative growth expectations, and similar interventions. View the presentation online.

Communicating the Costs and Benefits of Interventions: On August 6, Lewis gave the final presentation of 2013 Summer Series. In this address, Lewis talked about ways to calculate the cost of interventions and to estimate cost effectiveness and cost benefit. View the presentation online.


Lewis, N. S. (2013). Summer series.